Why do we love what we do?

Because we do what we love! And when you do what you love, working, no matter how hard it might be (and believe me it can be really hard at times ) it’s still a joy! Well… at least most of the times.
It is just so nice to see how much people like My Vegan Dulce de Leche and the rest of my creations. However it is even nicer to feel that trough our products I can demonstrate that one can be vegan and yet, still eat delicious food and sacrifice nothing.
I love the direct contact with people in the markets; where we often engage in long and profound conversations, usually about how the world is so rapidly shifting into a more compassionate one towards all earthlings with whom we share the Planet. To promote that change is my goal.
I have made so many friends, beautiful close friends, those that you feel you have known for ages and ages. Finding ‘likeminded’ people is just so awesome! We are a vibrant community of crazy people united by the one wish, the deep desire that nobody should get hurt.
The little ‘cherry on top of the cake’ is having won a few awards for our products… everybody needs a bit of reassurance every now and then!
A little piece of advice, if I may, follow your inner voice and spread the love, x

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